Frequently Asked Questions

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What age divisions are offered? The program is for ages 4-10.

How long does the program last? 4-6 weeks, meeting once a week for an hour

Who coaches the program? A coordinator who is a school tennis coach, coaching pro at a facility, or from a parks and rec department, is in charge of the program and enlists his staff or volunteers to coach.

How many players are in a league? This varies depending on the location but the average is 15-20 kids.

What equipment do we need? A tennis racket that fits your child! Youth rackets vary in size from 19 inches up to 25 inches. A few extra rackets will be on hand in the event you choose not to buy one.

If my child has to miss one of the sessions, can I still sign him/her up? Yes, your child can still sign up!

Are there any opportunities for corporate sponsorships? Yes, we welcome corporate sponsors for the youth league. Please contact, if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.