Frequently Asked Questions

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What age divisions are offered? The program is for ages 4-10 and 11-14 (Rally Cats Plus).

How long does the program last? Programs last anywhere from 4-6 hours of instruction broken into 1-hour sessions per day. Most programs are once a week but a variety of schedules can be used.

What will the players learn? Players will be lead through activities which are aimed at developing their athletic and basic tennis skills. A new character component is implemented each week in order to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and other character traits.

Who coaches the program? A coordinator who is Safe Play Certified coaches the program. They will have been trained on Rally Cats specifically and follow the Net Generation Red Ball curriculum lesson plans.

What equipment do we need? A tennis racket that fits your child! Youth rackets vary in size from 19 inches up to 25 inches. The coordinator will have more than enough rackets available at the program though if your Rally Cat does not have their own. All that is necessary to bring is water and tennis shoes!

If my child has to miss one of the sessions, can I still sign him/her up? Yes, your child can still sign up! If you have any questions about missing a session contact to see if there are any make-up options available.

Are there any opportunities for corporate sponsorships? Yes, we welcome corporate sponsors for Rally Cats. Please contact, if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.