Rally Cats was developed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) of Tennessee to introduce kids ages 4- 10 to the game of tennis and keep them on the court for years to come. The sessions are an hour long and each program consists of 4-6 hours of instruction over a number of weeks. Rally Cats uses modified equipment better suited for young kids like smaller rackets, pop-up nets, and balls that bounce lower and move slower than a regular tennis ball. This means kids are rallying sooner, getting less frustrated, and having more fun, which is the most important part!

racquet sizes


Your Rally Cat will be “playing to learn” the game of tennis, instead of “learning to play.” The program starts with basic athletic and tennis skill development. Coaches will work on developing hand-eye coordination as well as ball skills in a setting that feels like a game. This will help your child on court, and with other sports too!

Outgrown Rally Cats? If your child is already a player or has advanced past Rally Cats, then Junior Team Tennis is the next step! Visit our Junior Team Tennis page for more info or contact: Tyler Strong at tylerstrong@ustatn.com or call USTA TN at 615.953.1694.

No Rally Cats in your area? If we are not in your community and you would like to help start a Rally Cats near you, contact: Marissa Kovach at marissakovach@ustatn.com or call 615.917.7561.

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