Rally Cats of the Season!

We are happy to announce the Hendersonville Rally Cats led by Devin Crotzer has been chosen as the program of the spring! Held at Memorial Park on Sunday afternoons, 28 kids participated in the sessions and learned fundamental tennis skills through exercises and exciting games.

“My son enjoyed participating as he was able to learn better tennis skills, and he really enjoyed his coaches,” said Jennifer Zolman, parent of Rally Cat participants. “I thought the coaches were awesome and provided great feedback on what each child improved on each week.”

The Rally Cats program is designed for kids, ages 4-10, and aims to teach the game of tennis in a fun, stress-free environment. The program uses modified equipment more suitable for young children, such as tennis balls that bounce slower than a regular ball, pop up nets that make the court smaller, and junior racquets.

Not only do kids learn the fundamentals of tennis, but they also have the opportunity to work with coaches, who are passionate about seeing kids have fun while playing the sport.

“I have really enjoyed implementing the Rally Cats program in my community with my great group of volunteers. It is a wonderful way to introduce the fundamentals of tennis to young kids and get them excited about coming to the courts,” said Devin, coordinator of Hendersonville Rally Cats.

Thank you to Devin and his volunteers for such a wonderful season of Rally Cats in Hendersonville, and thank you to all of the kids who participated.